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Doodle Parents

Lady - F1 English Cream Golden Doodle

Lady is an F1 English Cream Golden Doodle. She is so full of love, she just dances when she sees you coming, she’s so excited! Lady was our first Teddy Bear Golden Doodle, and after that we were in love with the breed. She comes up and gives us paw hugs. We absolutely adore her! Lady is 19″ tall at the shoulder, and weighs 41 pounds.


She is sweet and loving, and loves attention. Just an all around good dog. She is 18 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 50 pounds.

Babe Dog
Poodle Breed

Ziggy is an AKC Standard Poodle. He will stand to be petted for as long as you will pet him. He is loyal and loving. He alerts us when anyone out of the ordinary comes to our house. He is very intelligent and obedient. Just a joy to have around! Ziggy is 24″ tall at the shoulder, and weighs 60 pounds.


Charity is an English Cream Retriever. She is the Mother of Faith and Lady, and the Grandma of all our Golden Doodle pups. She has a sweet, laid back personality, and is wonderful with the family. She is a great companion and brings a sense of calm to the environment.

Charity English Cream Retriever

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